3 am Kind of Person

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

“I am a 3 am kind of person”, I guess I read it in someone’s orkut profile 5 years back. Right then I introspected and found I am also a 3 am kind of person. That means anyone who is my friend can disturb me (call me) anytime in the day, even at 3 am!

This fact dates back to my school days when during exam times, I used to do very late night studies like most of my friends. Some of my friends used to call me on the landline phone to discuss and frankly my parents had allowed that. And that was the genesis of me being a nishachar(nocturnal). After I got my first cell phone, that habit increased. Any friend would call me at odd hours and I would talk! Weird??? Naah. It’s fun!  Not that I hate sleeping, actually I love sleeping to that extent also.

In engineering days normally I used to stay awake till 2 am for chatting and all. And in 2nd year, bsnl had introduced an offer, 11pm to 6am, bsnl-bsnl free calls. That was the time when I would get calls from the ladies’ hostel and I used to talk for hours. Even when one of them called initially, a whole lot(roommates, friends of roommates, roommates of friends of roommates) would talk taking turns.

Also when my best buddies had any problem sleeping like study tension, love tension, friendship tension; they call me, they still do and I talk even if it takes till morning to calm them down. I watched ‘Jhoota Hi Sahi’ and all those moments just flashed before me when I used to stay awake whole night on phone just to calm someone.

Also I have got calls at 3:30 am which had given me shocks, mild heart attacks etc etc. What do you do when a friend fully drunk and high calls you and says he is gonna jump off a roof just because he cannot handle a break up? I mean he might have said those just like that, might have also had intentions of jumping, but this does shake you a little. I thought for a moment and talked to him to keep him busy, called another friend in the same city from my brother’s cell and asked him to rush immediately to the roof of my friend’s flat. That night I could not sleep, I just kept calling him to check if he is in his room or anywhere else. These moments do take away breath.

So, anyone who is my friend don’t hesitate when you need to talk to me anytime, cos I am a 3 am kind of person!



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