Nostalgia – Sashi the Friend!

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Uncategorized


It was just a rare occasion when sleep eluded me that night and I was fully awake at 4 am! I decided to take a walk inside our garden.

I heard a noise inside the bushes which kind of gave me a chill for sure! After a while there it was! A big fat mongoose came out of the bushes and crossed the pavement right in front of me. A great good luck was definitely in store for me that day, maybe that’s what I thought. In this part of India where a cat crossing your path is considered to bring ill luck, a mongoose crossing your path is considered to bring super good luck!

The sight of the big fat mongoose made me nostalgic of the days when I used to spend my summer holidays at my grandfather’s place. He had lots of mongooses as pets. They used to roam freely inside the house. There was this one mongoose in particular which was very fond of me. Or rather I was very fond of him. Grandpa had named him Sashi as he was born on a full moon night.

Sashi was a very shy mongoose which is quite opposite to the behavior of the species. A little crowd of strangers in the house and he won’t come out in the open. It took a great deal of pain for my grandma to fetch him and feed him. But whenever I would visit, he would not just let go of me. He would play with me, climb on my shoulders and head and then would jump off to the ground; then repeat the act.

He would sleep resting his head on my palm and draping his long tail around my wrist. As a child I was totally in love with him. That’s why I was devastated the day I heard the news.

I was told that one day he had gone into the forest and never came back. Grandpa and his servants searched a lot for him without any luck. I could not eat properly for days. His images would haunt me in my dreams as I always wondered what happened to him after all.

As it has always been with us humans to get attached to our pets, mourn them when they leave and move on. But Sashi was a very special friend and after his departure I could not bond with any other mongoose at my Grandpa’s place ever.

I grew up and life made me quite busy and I forgot Sashi for quite a long time. However, nostalgia is a very fascinating phenomenon. At every sight of any mongoose, all my thoughts get radially focused on Sashi and only Sashi!

I just sincerely wish Rabbit Holes were true and in some parallel universe Sashi met his mate, had lots of children and living happily!

  1. afshan18 says:

    That’s quite a cute and interesting tale of sashi- the mongoose. On seeing sashi I remembered Sridevi from English vinglish 🙂

  2. Anand says:

    Quite an interesting friend and memories:)

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