The Compliance

Posted: July 26, 2014 in Uncategorized




She was not resisting the change. It was a life defining moment for her and yet she was not sure what has to become of her choice.

The choice to accept one’s destiny isn’t always easy. She was a fighter and she could have fought against her destiny. Yet here she was, in her full glory, thinking beyond oblivion, unsure of the future she dawned upon herself and on all she ever cared about.

Looking into the mirror will not be the same anymore. She could now peek into her soul. What was full of love, compassion and calmness was now full of anger, hatred and fear. She had to control it somehow. She wondered if it hadn’t happened to her in the first place, would it still reflect in her soul. Would she still be the same loving person she once was before she accepted the change?

These thoughts were barraging her mind and the resulting pain was excruciating. She was hearing voices she was not supposed to hear. She was seeing things which would drive anyone with sane mind completely crazy. She was feeling the approaching darkness within her with more remorse than ever.

She had to stay strong now. She had to do what she must.

The ‘bite’ was not only changing her body, it was changing her entire existence. She was not repelling the bite. She told herself, it was a gift.

She thought in her mind, with full determination, she will become the werewolf she was destined to be!

  1. maynlg says:

    Sammy !!! super duper like !!! Loved it absolutely !!

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