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The Thing

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
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“Hey! S21 come here I have found something!” shouted S76 anxiously.

“What is it? I am in middle of analyzing something. Whatever you want me to see better be substantial.”

S21 moved sluggishly to the spot where S76 was standing. They were at a small crater and S76 had found something while digging the ground to look for Nitrogen bubbles.

“Don’t touch it!!! It looks like a bomb!” shrieked S21 nervously.

S76 picked it from the crater surface and said, “No it is not a bomb, see it shines in starlight.”

S21 was surprised, the ‘thing’ was alien to him, and he asked S76 to hand it over so that he could look.

“No!!! I am not giving it to you, it is ‘mine’!!” shouted S76 anticipating S21’s advance.

“Give it to me…”


In the fight for the ‘thing’ it fell and smashed!

The glass broke and the ‘thing’ came out of its cage.

Both of them were startled by the act and wanted to pick it up, but as soon as they tried to reach for it, it vanished.

Not something magical, but the machines in control of planet-earth failed to understand the cosmic phenomenon called ‘evaporation’. It had taken away the last drop of water from the little glass flask which was fossilized inside the crater for thousands of years.

 And ‘the thing’ did not return to earth through ‘condensation’!

It is time for us to think when still the phenomenon permits itself to return the evaporated or ‘taken’ water to our planet.

It is not going to be the same soon…Let’s not allow what we consider ‘free’ to convert into the ‘thing’.

Save Water…Save the Future…