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I have witnessed many random acts of kindness, both small and big in nature; but there is one specific incident which has swayed me till today. It was a hot summer afternoon in 2008. I was on my way with my brother to visit my grandparents. We had stopped at a roadside dhaba on NH-5 for lunch.

We had ordered the food and I was cleaning my face at the wash basin. I observed every vehicle which was passing by the road used to stop at a particular point, then slowly taking a detour as if avoiding an obstacle on the road and move ahead in normal speed. This raised my curiosity and I moved to a place inside the dhaba where I could get a better view of the road.

As I anticipated there was indeed an obstacle on the road albeit it was breathing heavily. It was a calf and it was bleeding from its front right leg. A speeding vehicle on the highway must have hit the poor creature while it was crossing the road. Nevertheless, I observed it was trying to get up but under immense pain it was not able to do so, may be!

All vehicles were slowing down there, and moving ahead. Just when my brother called out for me to get back inside as food was served, I saw a Volkswagen went past the injured calf. However it moved to extreme left of the road and stopped. The guy who was driving came out. He was young, must be in his twenties.

He reached where the calf was sitting and slowly sat down on his knees and started touching its injured leg. Clearly, he was examining the wound. Then he went back to his car and came back with a bag, must be the first aid kit. He was blocking my view so I couldn’t see what he was doing precisely, but I was sure he was doing something which many would not do and which many did not do also.

When he was done, he stood up and stretched his hands and shoulders. I could see a clear bandage on the calf’s leg. He helped the calf get up, carried it to the side of the road to a tree shade and helped the calf sit down. He again hurried towards his car and came back with a bottle of water.

The calf looked better after drinking some water. I thought he would leave as he was done with what he could have done. But I was wrong, he was waiting near his car, closely observing the calf. After sometime when the calf gathered its strength to walk and started moving although limping, he got inside his car and drove off.

I got back and tried to have my food.