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Posted: June 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

He waited impatiently for the rain to stop. He had to get home in time for his daughter’s birthday party. He was cursing himself for not listening to his wife when she suggested taking the car instead of his bike. And rain in the month of February is obviously not what you expect! Just when the passion of rain lessened and he was about to leave the outlet where he had taken shelter, he saw something familiar.

She entered the outlet in such a hurry that it seemed she had forgotten something there. He kept thinking where had he seen this beautiful face before, and then it came as a lightning strike to him. He perfectly could now remember this face and thinking of that gave him Goosebumps. 

This is the sole woman in the whole world who had slapped him left and right once. It was mathematics class and the teacher had asked them to calculate something which he had got right and she had got wrong. So the teacher asked him to twist her ears once and tell her the right answer. 

He got up from my seat happily and twisted her both ears and slapped her (because he had an idea that this is a complete procedure- twisting ears and slapping). But the teacher had not asked this. So she asked the girl to twist his ears. But the girl also slapped him (maybe she also thought slapping completes twisting of ears).  

Then the teacher explained ‘you should learn to do what you are asked exactly to do by your superiors’. Hhuh! 

But as he returned back from his thoughts, she had already left. When he narrated the whole incident to his wife and kids he didn’t know why he could not help but omit the ‘she’ part of it. 

He told them he was slapped by a guy someday back at school.